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650-XB - Joe Meder - New Improved Red Veins!
650-XB - Joe Meder - New Improved Red Veins!
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There are few names as recognizable in the taxidermy world today as Joe Meder.  His numerous achievements and recognition are a testament to his unwavering attention to detail, anatomy, and artistry.  Tohickon developed this eye with Joe Meder and after many adjustments, versions, and colors, we arrived at what would become the most popular competition deer eye today.  With its deep optical quality crystal, hand painted details, and Tohickon's custom engineered glass colors it is among the most beautiful glass eyes ever made specifically for North American deer.  These eyes are forward-looking and have an extra brown area in the front to avoid accidentally showing white on both sides.  Try one today and experience the Meder difference.

Also available without extra brown - see product page for 650 - NB

Sizes: 30 , 32 , 34 , 36

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