For two generations, Tohickon has led the way in the art of glass eye-making. Our eyes are sought the world over by the most discriminating of hunters and taxidermy designers.

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Marcus Zimmerman of Martinsburg, PA has time and again impressed all of us with his natural ability to re-create a moment with such subtleties that one cannot simply point out a few singular aspects of his work that somehow brought it over the edge of good - to excellent.  Anyone who has met Marcus can testify to his impeccable honesty and forthrightness.  Maybe this is what we also see in his work - a consistent driving force to be true - true to life, true to nature, true to every detail, true to a singular moment.

Marcus and his family are very much involved in taxidermy and the taxidermy industry.  Zimmerman Wildlife Studio is one of the largest taxidermy shops on the east coast.  With work like this it's no wonder.  The mountain goat pictured here won: Best of Show, Breakthrough Best of Show, Best of category( Master division) Large Life-size, First Place Masters, and Safari Club International Award at the 2011 Pennsylvania Taxidermy Show - and it was a customer's piece!  We applaud you Marcus for being an excellent taxidermist and an admirable person!

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