Photo: Harris Hawk, Jessie Alfaro

      In the cold morning light of an old barn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a young taxidermist is bending over a small kiln with great anticipation as he works to create the first high quality glass eyes made in America. After months of painstaking work, he holds the jewel-like glass up to the light and he is delighted with the chestnut color of the deer eye he just fired. Little did he know that in just a few years Tohickon, in collaboration with the old world craftsmanship of KL-Glasaugen of Germany, would become the largest and most successful glass eye manufacturer in the world!

      Today Tohickon, still family-owned and operated, stands for the highest quality in the industry. The groundbreaking advancements in Tohickon’s new patent pending macro technology for glass decorating, together with all-new, more natural-looking vitreous enamels have made Tohickon glass eyes far surpass all other glass eye products of the market today. More awards have been won using Tohickon glass eyes than all others combined. The same ingenuity and determination for excellence that drove that young man in 1972 is still the same driving spirit of Tohickon today.

The First, The Best, The Original - Tohickon


...AND it's about more than glass eyes because a portion of all our proceeds goes to Vision East Ltd., a non-profit charity that provides aid, education, and hope for a self-sufficient future to orphans and the disabled.

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